Anna’s Secret Part 1

Dylan could not believe his eyes when he saw the video. There she was, his “Hazel Goddess” as he’d always call her, in bed, with another man!

“There has to be an explanation for this, this must be a prank. Anna wouldn’t do this to me, this is not right! She wouldn’t do-…” Sobbed Dylan.

His brother cut him off “You need to stop this D, I told you she was too good to be true. Man, I knewshe was nothing but a b-…” Dylan knocked him out cold before he could finish the sentence and stormed out of the house.

Anna lived with her mother and little brother, after her father passed away things have been hard for them financially but she always found a way to have food on the table every night despite having to pay for her own tuition fees.
Dylan and Anna met in a cab when he couldn’t find his wallet to pay for cab fare and she offered to pay for him. Not only was he was amazed by her generosity but she had the most beautiful hazel green eyes that had him lost in oblivion. That night he couldn’t sleep, she was all he could think of and he wanted to kick himself for not getting her number. A few weeks later, Dylan’s brother Tyler invited him for lunch just so they could catch up. “So D, when do I get to meet this ‘Perfect’ lady of yours?” asked Tyler with a smirk on his face. “Ha…ha…ha, very funny T” he replied, “Can a man get something to eat first, waitress?” Dylan could not believe what he saw, Anna was approaching their table. She looked pretty and it was quite amazing how her green apron complemented her eyes. “Did you find your wallet?” She asked. Tyler kicked Dylan under the table, “Snap out of it!” At that point Anna could tell that he seemed a little confused so she went on and took their order. When she left the table, Tyler gave him a very uncomfortable stare. “What?” asked Dylan. “Man, you look dump as hell right now. I don’t even understand how you’re my brother, you’re weak!”. A few minutes later Anna brought their drinks and Dylan managed to let out a few words “Uhm, thanks for saving me the other night”. She simply gave him a smile and walked away. He managed to get her number and soon after they started hanging out, it turns out they attended the same university. They were friends for a whole two years before they started dating.

The first few months of the relationship were amazing. The pair did almost everything together, they would spend nights indulging in the deepest conversations, they had romantic picnics and overall everything seemed perfect, well a little too perfect.

“Tonight was really nice Annie”, said the man as he placed his hand on her leg, “we should do this more often. She looked at him with utter disgust and said “Please pay me, I need to go”. “Not so fast, give me a kiss-…” Anna got out of the car and he ran after her, grabbed her and kissed her “Stop, please…” she begged.


She recognised the voice, Dylan was standing right in front of her doorstep and at that moment she felt like everything was going in slow motion. “No…no…no…omg Dylan, I can expl-…”

He cut her off with sadness in his tone “So it’s true huh? I saw you. I saw it all! Why would you do this to us, I trusted you!”

“Dy, Dylan… Listen to me, I tried to push him away, I tri-…” She sobbed.

He grabbed her hard and spoke with anger “Stop it! Just stop it Anna. I saw you in that video, not so innocent are we…You told me you weren’t ready and I respected your choice. Anna I promised to wait for you when all along you were sleeping around with the entire male species?”

“Dylan you are hurting me. Pl…please stop …” She begged.

He pushed her to the ground and shouted “You disgust me, you are nothing but a b- You are filth! I regret the day I met you!”

“Dylan wait…” He got into his car and drove off, she ran after the car shouting his name. She eventually stopped running, fell on her knees and gave out a loud cry “Dylan, I’m sorry!”


Ladies and Gentleman, Writers Block.

Hey Guys,

I strongly believe I suffer from the worst case of Writers block known to men! One minute stories are flowing through my head like a river and the next I am as blank as a white sheet of paper. It sucks, not being able to write, not knowing what now?? I start doubting my ability to write again, it really sucks!!!

I recently read a pin on Pinterest that said “A real writer doesn’t let writers block get in the way of his/her dreams”. I was like, ‘Oh no, I am not a REAL WRITER!’ and then I carried on to do more research on authors that have been affected by writers block and the results were quite educating.

Did you know that famous author Ralph Ellison worked nearly 40 years on his second novel due to writers block?? Unfortunately he passed away without completing it.

So during my research, I came across a few tips that can help one overcome this writers disease:

  • Meditation
  • Work from scene or chapter outlines
  • Set a timer and write in tem minute blocks
  • Read for inspiration

And the tip that I particularly found helpful was, ‘Make a habit of writing everyday’.

If you find yourself in this situation, sometimes it’s also important to have a self-affirmation such as ‘I am a brilliant creative writer’, this will help you overcome writers block. It’s the power of speaking things into existence.

On that note, I live you with this:

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you- Ray Bradbury


What to post??

Hey guys…  So for the past week I’ve been thinking about what exactly to post??  Poetry??  Motivational posts??  Short stories??

As a writer there is a diverse amount of content to post but some of us just aren’t good at everything so we post whatever we are comfortable writing about and whatever we are good at..

So,  I’ll probably do a bit of both 😊😊

Stay tuned Readers.

You are not an Aspiring Writer, You are a WRITER!!

Hey guys,

So Recently I had to write a biography for a friend of mine and I had to include my passion for writing of course However, something she commented there after caught my attention. She said, “So Tasha, you are an aspiring writer, that’s amazing!”…

Can we just take a second to define the word aspiring– ‘directing one’s hopes or ambitions towards becoming a specified type of person’

So basically what this person is saying is “I have hopes of becoming a writer!” and you know what, I don’t blame her. This is a norm a lot of writers use. “Hi I’m mike, an Aspiring writer”. Bear in mind, Mike has written over 10 novels and 6 different poems. No Mike, you are not an aspiring writer, You are a writer! We all are. 

We write beautiful stories everyday, amazing work that deserves props. This is a dream we are living and are hoping to expand into…The dream is now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

My Name is Natasha and I am a WRITER :-).