What to post??

Hey guys…  So for the past week I’ve been thinking about what exactly to post??  Poetry??  Motivational posts??  Short stories??

As a writer there is a diverse amount of content to post but some of us just aren’t good at everything so we post whatever we are comfortable writing about and whatever we are good at..

So,  I’ll probably do a bit of both 😊😊

Stay tuned Readers.

You are not an Aspiring Writer, You are a WRITER!!

Hey guys,

So Recently I had to write a biography for a friend of mine and I had to include my passion for writing of course However, something she commented there after caught my attention. She said, “So Tasha, you are an aspiring writer, that’s amazing!”…

Can we just take a second to define the word aspiring– ‘directing one’s hopes or ambitions towards becoming a specified type of person’

So basically what this person is saying is “I have hopes of becoming a writer!” and you know what, I don’t blame her. This is a norm a lot of writers use. “Hi I’m mike, an Aspiring writer”. Bear in mind, Mike has written over 10 novels and 6 different poems. No Mike, you are not an aspiring writer, You are a writer! We all are. 

We write beautiful stories everyday, amazing work that deserves props. This is a dream we are living and are hoping to expand into…The dream is now.

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

My Name is Natasha and I am a WRITER :-).